Monday, February 7, 2011

Health Food or Junk Food? Why Not Both?

Here at Health Food for the Junk Conscious, I have two questions for you to contemplate. Who doesn't like to indulge in wings, pizza, or any other number of greasy, unhealthy bar foods? Who doesn't like the thought of being able to eat healthy? My goal is to provide you with the ability to eat the foods you like without regretting it. I am one of those lucky guys who can stuff my mouth with anything I want and never gain weight. But why eat unhealthy if I don't have to?

The eventual start to this blog was one random Friday when I had a craving for wings but was too poor to buy them and didn't have a deep frier. The solution - baked buffalo wings. They came out okay, and over the course of a couple months I was determined to perfect my ability to bake wings that tasted as good or better than any bar or grill. I have since solidified a recipe and can proudly say that my wings are as good as any restaurant. They're only missing one thing that all the restaurants have - the deep fried grease.

Since this point I have moved onto any and all foods that are generally viewed as junk and tried to put a healthy spin on them. I have managed to take junk food and sauces to a whole new level by not only making them basically healthy to eat, but by also making them compliant with gluten free diets, lactose free diets, and the paleo diet. I however will not sacrifice taste to make something healthier for you to eat, so I guarantee my recipes can go toe to toe with anything you can find.

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